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Protected Species Surveys


We can carry out surveys for all European and nationally protected species including badger, bat, breeding birds, great crested newt, hazel dormouse, otter, reptiles, water vole and white clawed crayfish. 

EPS Mitigation 


If protected species such as bats are present on a development site, a licence may be required to allow the lawful progression of the development. 

Habitat Assessments


Our team are able to carry out general habitat surveys such as phase 1 and extended phase 1 habitat surveys, as well as more detailed botanical surveys such as NVC.

Simecology is an independent ecological consultancy based in Bath. We provide ecological services (including protected species surveys) and advice to a range of clients including private homeowners, conservation architects and large scale infrastructure projects involving international firms and local authorities.
Survey Planner

Download our survey planner here.