With a small core team and wide range of specialist freelance contractors, we offer an extensive range of services to our clients. The team holds protected species survey licences for bat, white clawed crayfish, hazel dormouse and great crested newt. We also regularly work with leading experts in amphibian, reptile and mammal ecology. 

Protected Species Surveys


We can carry out surveys for all European and nationally protected species including badgers, bats, breeding birds, great crested newts, hazel dormouse, otters, reptiles, water voles and white clawed crayfish. 

Local planning authorities often require evidence of biodiversity protection and enhancement measures prior to granting planning consent. These surveys are therefore frequently an integral part of successful planning applications. 

Ecological Clerk of Works 


Ecological clerk of works or watching briefs are often required in order to allow buildings or clearance works to be carried out lawfully. 

Our ecologists have extensive experience in providing supervision at building and development sites. Our team have valid CSCS cards, all relevant health and safety training and their own professional protective equipment.


In addition, we can supply ecologists with confined space training for inspections of culverts and other confined spaces.   

EPSM Licence Applications


If protected species such as bats are present on a development site, a licence may be required to allow the lawful progression of the development. 

At Simecology we specialise in designing mitigation for protected species and obtaining development licences on behalf of our clients.

Habitat Assessments & Botanical Surveys

Our team are able to carry out general habitat surveys such as phase 1 and extended phase 1 habitat surveys, as well as more detailed botanical surveys such as National Vegetation Classification (NVC).

Habitat Management Plans


Habitat management plans illustrating how a site's ecological features will be managed in the future are often required for sites with high ecological value. Management plans are requested in the planning stage, so that local authorities have confidence that the habitats and species will be sensitively managed once the development has been completed. 

Badger Exclusion & Licencing


Deterring or excluding badgers from their setts is against the law. However, it is possible to exclude badgers under special licence granted by Natural England. We have extensive experience of excluding badgers under licence either due to property damage or for development purposes. 

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