Simeon Smith



Simeon Smith, director of Simecology, has over 20 years' experience in the ecological sector and has worked as an independent ecological consultant since 2002. Simeon specialises in bat mitigation for development and has held over 20 separate Natural England bat mitigation licences since 2010. He has also extensive experience and training in reptile and amphibian ecology and conservation and habitat management. Simeon has undertaken mammal monitoring and surveying (otters, water voles, badgers, dormouse) on a number of development projects.

Simeon holds protected species survey licences for great crested newt, dormouse and bats (level 2). 

Meet The Team


With a small core team and a number of expert freelance contractors, we offer an extensive range of services to our clients. The team holds a number of protected species survey licences including bat, dormouse, and great crested newt licences. In addition to our own expertise we regularly work with leading experts in amphibian, reptile and mammal ecology.